Avalon est-elle l'Amérique? Ephraim avant Joseph Smith - Excalibur l'épée de Constantin?

BMSF Research: Findings of Glen Kimball emailed to the research group
September 26, 2004:

I thought I would add something from my current projects. I have
recently sent to England for a copy of a history suggesting that before
Joseph Smith that the British considered America the land of Manasseh.
They considered themselves the family of Ephraim. We must understand
that Britain was the home for the family of Jesus from the sixth century
BCE. The great Olam Allah, or Jeremiah, brought the daughter of Zedekiah
to Britain for her safety. The following is but a piece of that
material. The story of Joseph of Arimathea in the British Isles begins
long before his birth. The Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah around the
year 600 BCE took the ancestors of Jesus in exile to Britain. It should
be little wonder why Joseph of Arimathea took the survivors of the
crucifixion back to Britain where they were well known as personalities
and their beliefs were inbred in the culture of Britain as far back as
the building of the pyramids.
By the time of the birth of Jesus the Magi/Druid fraternity had spread
around the world and had been watching for the sign of his birth. It was
no accident that the Island nation became both a great center of
learning in the ancient world and a Mecca of shipping.
The greatest secret in the day of Jesus was that you could sail forty
times farther in a day than you could by camel. The cost of transporting
goods via water dwarfed the danger of the political boundaries of dry
land. This made Britain closer to the East than any other place in the
Mediterranean. When you add the fact that Britain had accessible natural
resources beyond the desert lands of Africa and the Middle East coupled
with the natural protection afforded by an Island and England became the
port of choice in the known world. The tribe of Dan taken into captivity
almost a thousand years before Jesus found their way to Western Europe.
They were the only tribe of the house of Israel without a land
inheritance in Palestine because they were the ones who knew the secrets
of the oceans. Their house became the Danish and their name is found
everywhere from the Danube to Hibernia or "Hebrews new Land". Even the
Spanish with their title "Don" or "Dan" meant a teacher or professor.
The race of the "Danai" or "Dannans" or "Dannonii are either called
Phoenicians, or mentioned in company with the Phoenicians and wherever
they landed we find a river with the stamp of Dan in the Title or a
district. These Phoenicians brought letters to the Greeks in the second
millennium BCE and the arts. It should be no surprise that they brought
it with them to the British Isles. The Danai are mentioned by Homer,
Pindar, Euripides, Strabo and others. Ancient Jewish authorities
unanimously agree that the symbol for Dan was the Eagle with the serpent
in his claws that persists in American icons to this day.
The Trinobantes, the tribe of the ancient Druid Trinity, as in the
Christian Trinity as well, based in ancient London may have been called
a barbarian tribe from the time of their exile from ancient Troy but
these people were rich. They became rich through merchant traffic.
Julius Caesar acknowledged this when he made special arrangements with
the British Trinobantes in 54 BCE. It should be little wonder why Brutus
(Trinobantes) took his exile from Troy to Britain the land of the
covenant people who brought his country learning and art. It was the
Trinobantes aligned with the Silures, Iceni and Brigantes who burnt the
Roman port in ancient London to the ground in 60 AD the year Nero burnt
Rome to the ground. By this time the Trinobantes were already Christians.
The word British is not English it is Hebrew. Brit (Berit) means
covenant in Hebrew and the Britain is the land of the people of the
Claudius Caesar named his own son Britanicus and adopted the very
Christian Gladys, later named Claudia, as his own child and heir so that
he too could be part of the Covenant. The Saxons were already converted
to Christianity before the Roman invasion of 42 AD, perhaps before
Joseph of Arimathea even landed in Britain. St. Gildas the wise born in
425 AD said, "Christ, the True Sun, afforded his light, the knowledge of
His precepts to our island in the last year of the reign of Tiberius
Caesar (Around 37 AD). This was several years before Joseph of Arimathea
In British tradition St. Anna was born in Cornouaille of royal Blood and
brutally mistreated by her husband to the extent that she took to the
sea at the advice of an angel and landed in Jaffa, or Yafa, in Israel
where she bore the Virgin Mary. After she returned to Cornouaille
district of Brittany in North West France where she found her abusive
husband dead and ended her days at the bay of Palue in Brittany where it
is said that Jesus came to visit her during his life. Her home was
located in ancient Lammana that once belonged to the Glastonbury Abbey.
Some have speculated that Lammana is short for Lan Anna or The Church of
Anna. St. Anna is the Patron St. of Brittany to this day.
From the writings of the apostle Matthew in the book "Gospel of the Virgin
Mary" we find Anna already old and married to Joachim. She was probably
married before. The "Immaculate Conception" is the story of the
miraculous birth of the Virgin Mary before St. Anna returned to Britain
or Brittany to live out her days. The truth about St. Anna must be
filtered through the eyes of several cultural interests, all of who wish
to own her history.
Ocum's Razor would suggest that the simplest solution is that she was
born in Britain or Brittany and returned to Yafa near Nazareth after a
failed marriage and was wed to Joachim when she bore the Virgin Mary.
The motives of the visits of Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea to this land
fit together nicely. This is also the reason that St. Anna appears
prominently in the traditions of the Druids as a great Druid Priestess.
The Druids and
Christians melted into each other nicely after His birth, which is the
reason for the explosion of Christianity among the Druid Barbarian Kings
who were all baptized Christians.

If you want more about this period of time I have a new CD called
"A.D.:After the Death of Christ"

This is probably the most significant piece of Christian research in our
day. I had a personal spiritual experience regarding the making of this
CD. After I had finished the first recording I was advised in the middle
of the night by one of the principal players in this saga that I had not
finished the job. After pealing myself off the ceiling I found the
missing pieces and the CD is the updated version. I am nobody special.
However, when you stand in the middle of the traffic on the freeway you
are bound to get involved. I tell people that the view from the
bleachers is not the same as playing the game on the field. I am working
on a CD regarding the sacred Hides of Glastonbury. I have found a text
that came from the Abbey at Glastonbury at the time it was burnt to the
ground. It was originally called the "bronze book of Britain". It
contains the entire history of the Bible from the perspective of those
who settled ancient England from the clan of St. Joseph of Arimathea. My
spine tingles when I wonder if this is the lost book of the ten tribes
prophecied to come into the world in the last days. It is most amazing.
When you understand that these people believed that Avalon was in the
West in the land of the Covenant People you will tingle as well. Their
Avalon was beneath the constellation of the America stars, the land
where King Arthur found his treasure. That story is contained in the
book "Holy Kingdom"
again printed in Great Britain. It tells of the travels to America and
that the sword of
Constantine was found in the Americas. (Ex Caliber) That land was in New
England today, not in Meso-America.


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