The subject of which I will maintain to you is very badly known in Europe, and interests in the first chief the Freemasonry. The religion resulting from the visions which started into 1820 of Joseph Smith, results from the weddings of the Frank-maçonnerie and the so particular Spirituality of the young Mormon Church.


 We will not endeavour to detail the principles, the structures, the initiatory Rites inherited the Order maconnic and the religious philosophy which melt current world Mormonisme. On the other hand we will study the central character of all this adventure, colourful, rich in adventures, and founder of a life style based on high ethical values and morals, the Brother Joseph Smith. He was an extremely complex man and whose life remains enthralling to study for any student of the religions and spiritualities. With - The childhood of Joseph Smith and mysteries of discovered gold plates: The founder of Mormonisme was born on December 23, 1805 in charming the small town of Sharon, county of Windsor, State of Vermont.


The family of the Joseph young person was numerous, it comprised 10 people. Namely his/her father Joseph Smith senior, his mother Lucy Smith born Mack, his brothers Alvin (1799-1824), Hyrum (1800-1844), Samuel, William (1811-1893), Don Carlos (1816-1841), and his s?urs Sophornia 1803-1836), Catherine (1812-1900) and Lucy (1821-1882). This family was torn by the very impassioned religious fights then, in America of then, and Smith underwent like any family of the time, of the tensions, not knowing towards which religious party to move. Joseph Smith reporting this time speaks about war of words and this tumult of opinion. Being tired of these quarrels, the Smith young person then opens his Bible in Êpître of Jacques, chapter 1 verse 7 which says: if somebody among you misses wisdom, that it asks it to God who gives to all simply and without reproach, and it will be given to him. This verse touched its ? ur with a great power and inspired deeply it. The Smith young person 16 years old withdrew himself then in wood close to the commune of Manchester, some time later, to meditate. It was the morning of a beautiful clear and sunny day.


It kneels and requests with an intense faith, a free faith which does not belong to any religious movement, drawing its force directly in the Writing. Then it is pilot of true a théophanie, of which I would not describe the detail here, of the celestial beings enjoignent to him to be patient, because it must restore the true Church of the origins, when the moment comes. It will thus not act of a reform to the protesting direction, but of a Restoration of the original Christianity, which will have to take its dimension Juive and esoteric in account.


This exceptional occurrence, which occurs about 1820, is the event founder of the Mormon Church, whose true name is Eglise of Jesus-Christ of the Saints of the Last Days. Immediately, in-outside family framework, people will scoff the young person Joseph, persecutions start very quickly against the idea of the Restoration of a Church on the basis of revelation that aucuns judge distorts, not with rationalism but by religious fanaticism of the sects Protestant women... Of others théophanies will take place, of 1823 to 1827. Then the event final founder will arrive, that which will make that the idea of a restoration of Christianity will be possible. In a vision, an angel whose name was unknown until there in all the crowned literature, answering in the name of Moroni, appears with the young man, we are the evening of September 21, 1823. The celestial creature indicates to him that it will discover plates similar to gold, on which are engraved old anal people of America.


 Let us leave the word with Joseph Smith describing the place where it found this strange metal work: very close to the village of Manchester, in the county of Ontario, State of N.Y., a hill of considerable size is located, highest of all those of the vicinity. On the western side of this hill, not far from the top, under a stone of great dimension, the plates in a stone box were. This stone was thick and round in the medium of the higher and thinner face towards the edges so that the part of the medium was visible above ground-level, while the edges around were covered with ground. Of all this history which can appear naive, it proves that reality is more complex than it does not appear to with it. Let us examine all that of a critical?


We know that Joseph Smith impassioned himself for archaeology, the magic, occults it, and it sought these compatriots like, of the treasures going up with the Amerindians. It seems that Smith found a treasure well, but not of the nature which he expected, i.e. in the form of weapons, of jewels or ornaments of gold, but of an archaeological deposit of nature of first importance, reporting the history of the ancients of North America. A capital discovery for this young Nation, because it gives him a Bible, different from that of the Old World, but not opposite, complementary. We know nowadays that the place where Joseph Smith discovers these plates similar to gold, was a high covered place of funerary monticules, or Amerindians of high row had been done buried.


The translation by Smith surrounded of a group of friends, will give what one knows under the name of Livre of Mormon. Mormon would have been a large character of the old Amerindian civilization. At once translated, the book is a success which it is necessary well to describe as extraordinary, no sect, no modern religion, can be prided to have had as much attraction thanks to this book on Mormon. Upon the departure, converted arrive not only from America, but also from the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries, and even from Republican France! The news of the arrival of a new Bible makes the turn of the world, like was for example the arrival of Coran in its time, the effect is similar. But persecutions will be done cruel, the restoration is vigorously condemned by the whole of the Christian churches, and the Federal Government sees of a very bad?il the existence of one oneself saying Bible which put so high the inhabitants of America before the arrival of the white colonists... On the other hand, the Amerindians very quickly will fraternize with the Saints, thus name between them the members of the young Church, in accordance with name that between them the former Judeo-Christians were given.


This fraternization pokes hatreds of the white farmers against the Saints whom they will call by contempt: Mormons. With the origin a term insulting and degrading as well as "English Niger". Another movement then tests much sympathy to the Saints, this movement is not other than the Freemasonry American as a whole, and there begins a long completely attractive and very mysterious history, quasi unknown of the old World. Another religion also sees with sympathy these animated people of a Faith to any test, it is American the Juive community. B - Interpenetration enters the Frank-maçonnerie and the Church of Jesus-Christ, the experiment founder of Nauvoo: We go now right to the subject which interests us, I cannot extend on the beginnings from Mormonisme, it would be necessary me to make a talk of 60 pages!


Now that the decoration is planted, we will study what occurred. The crucial period ranges between 1839 and 1846, in Nauvoo, city entirely rested by the Saints, on banks of the Mississippi in Missouri. The Mormons had been unceasingly moved, fleeing of persecutions, and Nauvoo was to be a haven of peace. This city was very soon prosperous and one can say it, an ideal city in this America forces of then. It is Joseph Smith who personally drew the plans of this city, and it quickly became the object of violent jealousies on behalf of the other white. Nauvoo was an explosive mixture of various elements, American patriotism, dream of the emigrant in the search of a promised ground, despair of unceasingly moved people, of a religious mysticism, freedom to try out new models social, ethical, political and economic. It will be founded in this city, the masonnic cabin which will become most powerful of the United States of then.


 The Mormons accepted a charter for their maconnic Lodge in March 1842 and build the Temple masonnic of the city. 15 the Mars 1842, Joseph Smith is initiated by the Scottish masonnic Lodge of Nauvoo, Nauvoo Lodge, in the presence of the Grand Master Jonas of Colombus and of elected officials masons of high rows, whose presence is still to date unexplained for lack of documents, for the reception of an obscure local prophet.


 This lodge will know an extraordinary development and an unequalled power in the United States and can be in the world from its influence. What is absolutely incredible, it is that this cabin is completely ignored in Occident by the historians masons whereas it is known in England, and in the USA. Thereafter, 1366 Mormons are made initiate in Nauvoo within this Lodge....


 What, even compared to the remainder of the masonnic population of the United States, represents an enormous figure and a considerable percentage for this time. Already dignitaries of the young Church are franks-maçons, quote the proper brother of Joseph, Hyrum Smith, but also Heber C Kimball, George Miller, and celebrate it Brigham Young were members of Fraternity since the years 1820.


 The Masonic Temple of Nauvoo is inaugurated in the presence of 500 freemasons from all United States, for the majority of the dignitaries of American masonry, we are then in April 1844 But rather quickly, from the frictions will take place between Mormon masons and masons not Mormon, because a debate will take place fortunately peaceful between freemasons.


 It will not act of a bloody fight as it was the case with the jealous colonists! We can greet here the genius of the Freemasonry which privileges the fraternal debate with the conflict. The question was to know if there were a risk, so that American Masonry becomes in Mormon majority... the presence of the Saints in the Lodge were increasingly large.


 The Grand Lodge of Missouri located at Springfield, decides to withdraw the charter of Nauvoo Lodge. But this cabin continues to meet all the same, and of the freemasons not Mormon continue to go there. But this historical decision with probably be the factor which launched within the Church of Jesus Christ of the Saints of the last days the process of creation of a form of completely original masonry, as we will see it, and with licence to preserve the American masonry of a total "mormonisation", if I can allow myself to employ this term.


Another cause of this peaceful conflict, was the rise in many large Mormons leaders at the highest stations of the freemasons, that that is in the field of the high ranks whose some would have been subject to a Mormon influence in the United States, or stations inside the Grand American Lodges.


Nauvoo Lodge was for one relatively short period, but important, the lung of American Masonry, it is well that which worried rightly, the other persons in charge for the Freemasonry American. Joseph Smith then will create an Order maconnic intern with his movement which he will call "the Holy Order", a kind of circle of elite inside Mormonisme at the beginning.


All ritual the very secret ones of the Mormon Church rise of this kind, and well on, the rites are the rites masonic, with a purpose either spiritual, but at the same time religious, highly ethical and moral, mystical and supernatural, whose object is the re-establishment of the priesthood of Aaron and Melchisedeq on the Earth! It is known that many freemasons then will marry Mormonisme to continue the experiment of Nauvoo, on the other hand, of the Mormons see of a bad?


il the introduction of rites and principles coming from a secret society, that these converted resulting from Anglo-Saxon Protestantism sees like the Church of the devil! A scission will thus have mile later, which will refuse to live rites of maconnic origin in the Church, this scission will survive until our days, and will establish these headquarters with Independance, in Missouri. This small fraction of the Church of Joseph Smith will evolve slowly to a more traditional Christianity, and currently it became very near to the traditional reformed movement. But in Nauvoo, was born something again, an experiment religious, spiritual and initiatory single in the modern history of Humanity. Who will find his full development with the exodus of the Saints towards the Sion news, which will be Salt Lake City, with Brigham Young at his head, after the fine tragedy of the Brother Joseph Smith. The Freemasonry which lives within Mormonisme, is a masonry which wants to be celestial. Black and white vêture is banished, only the white color, pointing out the purity, is authorized by it in its secret work, so secret that one knows little thing of it. What makes this Church a church with large and small authentic mysteries in the effective tradition of the first Church of Jerusalem, in that, Joseph Smith made a success of on this point his Restoration of Christianity. We found texts, where Mormons testify to a will to find an original masonry, I quote Joseph Fielding Smith, it writes in his newspaper of Nauvoo, at the date of December 22, 1843: "Much joined to the maconnic brotherhood. It seems that that constituted a preparation or a springboard for something of other, to restore what was at the origin of the freemasonry... "In fact these people which adherent with this Church at the time flee the mediocrity of their life in a very hostile world, and are got excited of perfection, they seek with all to reform. And the word is to launch, to restore what was at the origin of the frank-maçonnerie, noble ideal and I would take care not to say if they succeeded or not! Nowadays the children of Joseph Smith became powerful Eglise, whose majority of the members live in-outside the USA and are not American. There are the vaults where all one each one can come to request, and there are the Temples, reserved with the secret rites resulting from the Masonry and whose access is reserved only to most pious members of the Mormon Church. In 1947 one counted a million Mormons, one counts in 2004, approximately 10 million members, which is considerable, the Book of Mormon is the angular stone of the Faith of these people, at the sides of the Bible.


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