Dear Members of Association, the Forums of Kolob Order,

We have happiness to announce to you the birth of a new large Forum in English language “KOLOB ORDER AMERICA”, it acts of largest of our forums, with step less more than 100 headings.

KOLOB ORDER AMERICA is structured according to the States of the United States of America, comprising them-even under sections approaching all the study and research topics of Kolob Order.

KOLOB ORDER AMERICA is made for the Net surfers of the sphere of Anglo-Saxon language, and is addressed to our sympathizers and American members who did not have until there any structure on the Web of our association to express itself, this vacuum is now filled.

This “super forum” is open just like those of French languages and Spanish, in the Freemasons and Saints of the Last Days which want to work together, on the basis of common historical symbolism in most strict independence and the mutual respect. It is also opened with all people interested by our activities.

KOLOB ORDER AMERICA comprises one imports section of Cryptozoologie, as you know it the United States comprise on this subject many enigmas, and a section “UTAH CRYPTO ZONE” is in particular dedicated to the zoological mysteries of Utah which are very numerous.

It comprises also a great share devoted to the music: Jazz, Drunk person, Country, etc

The structure of this forum allow the member to be able to have a synthetic sight on the aspect of such or such studied subject, that is the history of Freemasonry, the Mormons, of paranormaux facts, of the history of the Rosicrucian brotherhood in the United States where still of the local history of a lost small town of Midlewest. That allow an easy and fast navigation.
If you wish being member of this new forum you can join it, you can visit it with the following address:

This forum will still undergo transformations and additions of headings, but it is already ready in its form first. It will be indexed in the American search engines. This forum is promised with a bright future, and it will be of not to doubt very developed quickly. Well

Cordially with all

Adama President of the K.O.


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