Sacred Space Quarters and invocation

We recommend the reading of the Book of Mormon in order to have knowledge by the prayer of it


Preparing Sacred Space

Wiccans don't practice their magick or hold rituals in just any old space. They first designate a special area called Sacred Space.

Any spot in nature, be it forest, park, beach, desert or back yard, is sacred. Sacred Space can also be created anywhere -- you can even designate yourself sacred space (see below).

One thought to keep in mind. A ritual doesn't begin when you cast a circle, it starts when you first think about doing a ritual. The ritual has already begun as you bath and set up.

Sacred Space is usually created in three steps: 1. Physical cleaning; 2. Astral cleaning and 3. Erecting a Sacred Circle.

Physical cleaning is just that. It gives you a chance to allow your body and mind to transition from the mundane to spiritual. Sweeping away the dust and dirt from the mundane world of your working space so that it doesn't interfere with your magickal workings. It also includes taking a ritual bath (or shower) or letting a breeze wash away negativity. Add some salt and the appropriate oil or herbs to your bath, not only to purify you but to also start setting "the mood" for the work you are about to do. Also take this time to purify your thoughts as well.

Astral cleaning is done to rid the space of negative energy and psychic "dirt." It is done with a special broom or besom, the Witch's broom used only for this purpose. It is traditionally made from birch and willow, but any broom will do (remember to bless and consecrate it first). You don't actually have to touch the floor with the bristles; this cleansing is for energy, not dust bunnies.

If you don't own a besom or you feel like you need extra cleaning, bless and consecrate the space by walking deosil around the circle, sprinkling salt water and/or burning a purifying incense or a smudge stick (representing all four elements). Others still who are musically inclined cast a circle while playing an instrument and walking deosil.

Creating a Sacred Circle is very important. I don't know of any Witch who practices magick or holds rituals outside of one. The purpose of the circle is two fold: mainly to keep the energy you are rising in until you choose to release it and to keep all the bad (or just impish) energy out.

There are about as many ways to cast a circle as there are Witches. Each Witch develops his or her own way to erect a circle. For some examples of circle casting, please see our Rituals section.

Here is one way to designate yourself as sacred space. I repeat this once a month, usually during the new moon ritual, so that in emergencies, I feel confident working magick where ever it is necessary or where I might need to be inconspicuous.

Close your eyes and imagine a bright light (the same color you choose to use with your circles) emanating from deep inside you. When you feel the light shining from every part of your body, chant:

Sacred space within myself
Earth and sky, light and health
Blessings of the goddess shine
Bring to me the light divine
As above, it is below
Now peace and love around me grow
Be I witch, faery or elf
Sacred space I call myself.

Anoint yourself by drawing the symbol of the Goddess on your third eye with anointing oil (olive or baby oil will also do as long as it has been properly blessed).



Quarters, watchtowers, guardians, elements, etc., are "extras" to your circle and spellwork. Once again, this is an area of great diversity for Witches.

The quarters correspond to the four elements and the four cardinal directions. (East-Air, South-Fire, West-Water, North-Earth.)

When calling the quarters, some Witches call on the powers of the elements. Others call on elementals. Some call on angels. Some on guardians.

Before calling the quarters, you need to decide: 1 - Who are you inviting and 2- What will their job be? To protect? To guard? To join in? To aid?

Make sure your wording properly reflects what you are asking of the quarters.


Hail! Guardian of the Watchtower of the direction
II bid thee come into my circle bright
Protect/Aid me in my magick/sacred Rite

O spirits of the (direction)
Ancient one of (element)
I call you to attend this circle
Charge this by your powers

Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the (direction)
Powers of (element)
I invoke you and call upon you
Be here now

To the (direction), I ask the element of (name) and (name of archangel/totem/deity) to be with me, to guard, guide and witness this magic

Spirits of the East
Guardians of the Winds
May you grant me the joy of Your presence
Your light and Your energy in this time and space.

Spirits of the South
Guardians of Fire
May you grant me the joy of Your presence
Your light and Your energy in this time and space.

Spirits of the West
Guardians of the Sea
May you grant me the joy of Your presence
Your light and Your energy in this time and space.

Spirits of the North
Guardians of the Earth
May you grant me the joy of Your presence
Your light and Your energy in this time and space.

In Light and Love,


This is a very important part of your ritual. This is where you invite the Goddess and God into your circle to watch or aid you in your Rite, where you demonstrate your willingness to open yourself to the God and Goddess. Make sure you have this part of your ritual memorized; it is important that you concentrate on the words you are saying, not the act of reading them.


Goddess Invocations

Goddess Mother, hear my cry
Across the world, my spell shall fly
To ask of thee upon this night
Please aid me in my magick Rite


God Invocation

Father God to thee I call
Lord of forest and oak tall
I ask of thee upon this night
Aid me with your magick might




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