4th dinner discusses Thursday May 31, 2007 of Kolob Order topic: life in the universe and the ufos.



Official report of the 4th dinner-debate of Kolob Order Thursday May 31, 2007 - 19H30


In a region of Zarahemla (country of peace) symbolic system we met for a fourth make public which was a great success with the participation of 28 people. Among these participants of the Saints of the Last Days, Franks-maçons, people of goodwills neither LDS, nor Masons. The topics of the dinners preceding debates were: a) Ephrata Cloister: the initiatory link missing b) the Order of Templiers c) pyramids of Mexico in China; an archaeological enigma.


And the topic for this fourth dinner-debate had: Let us be us only in the Universe? the parameter external (UFOS) or the evaluation of the current situation. The evening started with the traditional speech of the state of Kolob Order by President Adama, of which here reproduction:



Public demonstration Dinner-debate of Thursday May 31, 2007


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Dear Friends,



Our association is very happy to receive for this dinner-debate Mr Alain Boudier, who is not only a one ufologic specialist in the field, but also a friend. And warmly let us thank we it for his presence among us, in spite of his timetable very charged. It is appropriate before passing the word to him, to present our association at new here present. I will read out article to you 1 of our statutes: Article 1: "Kolob Order - Ephrata" is an independent philosophical association, which has as an aim the study of the origins of Mormonisme, the history of the Frank-maçonnerie, their joint relations. Association "Kolob Order-Ephrata" also studies traditional and positive sciences, the field of the paranormal and fields related. Association encourages the reading, the research of knowledge by the study. It employs for this purpose all the means and cultural supports available: Internet sites, conferences, workshops, dinner-debates, meetings, etc. Kolob Order with the characteristic to join together Franks-maçons and Mormons, who work together, in the strict mutual respect of their engagement. It is a rare success, and for one year, we have achieved much public works completely on our Internet site. Kolob Order was referred by the Web Boxing ring of the French-speaking sites maconnic for the quality of its work put on line, which interests the history initially. We were selected by the team of the webmasters of this great federative site, for the quality of our work. Our site having been for three months with the classification "signal site" of this Web Boxing ring i.e. among those the most visited. We placed at the disposal of the Net surfers two other sites which are libraries in line, of which a ufologic library comprising of the rare and untraceable books nowadays on the question of which we will discuss this day. This library was referred by more than 20 sites ufologic and forums French-speaking and anglophone. The principal library proposing of the rare books on various subjects interesting the history, archaeology, sciences, the traditional disciplines, philosophy, and it always is very attended in particular by the French-speaking Net surfers of Africa and we are really glad to thus be able to help of the people, who do not have access to the books as such. Our regional President, s?ur Esther which directs the section, which we call "star of Abidjan" still underlined in a recent mall, importance of this library in single line in its kind on the fabric To date Thursday May 31, 2006, the principal site of Kolob Order since its creation in May 2006 with receipt 111 606 visits, which is considerable. The library in Alexandria line received for its part since its creation on October 1, 2006: 15 708 visitors, which is a very correct rate of frequentation, corresponding to a large public library of a large French city. The book more consulted being on this site the kings of France of 1890 with 488 consultations to date. The funds ufologic of our Library on line, for its part with receipt the visit of 4108 visitors since his creation at January 1, 2007, that makes of it the first virtual library attended in Europe on this subject. The book more consulted being gleams on the flying saucers of Aime Michel of 1954 with 339 consultations. The site Kolob Order Africa - Star of Abidjan, held and managed by our brothers and s?urs of Ivory Coast with for its part received the visit of: 1914 visits since its creation on January 1, 2007. Finally let us announce the last born of the sites of Kolob Order: Virtual Museum of Kolob Order, where we present rare elements concerning art Maya, of the rare documents of XIXe S. on Mormonisme, the numismatics, the craft industry between 1804 and 1914 in particular comprising splendid parts of the craft industry of sliced the hairy ones of the First World War, the centre piece being splendid Fokker DR1 Triplan, creates by a soldier starting from military disparate elements, in 1916, of which the proportions and realism forces admiration. This open museum on line on May 3, 2007 counts 184 visits to date, which is normal given that it is very recent and is not yet known on the Web. The whole of the sites Kolob Order thus adds up a number of 133 520 visits. It acts of a good cultural radiation on Internet.Je announces to you finally, the creation of two new sections (or star), in Brazil and in India, following the request formulated on the spot by several people, we will thus send all the directives necessary to them, to constitute their structure and to be member of our federation.



Here is for the state of Kolob Order at Thursday May 31, 2007, it is on the initiative of the department of study of the UFOS of our association that we contacted Mr Alain Boudier, it is time to pass the word to him. Thank you. We then excused 8 people who could not move for private reasons, but which will be present at our next meeting. What would have carried the number to 36 participants.


Mr Alain Boudier our guest was introduced then by the President of Association Kolob Order - assisted Ephrata of the Secretary-general. Mr Alain Boudier is consulting international as regards defense and aeronautics. He belongs to the group Commission Defense within Club 89, near to the President of the Republic. He is of formation ESSEC and INSEAD. Vice President of the ESSEC Defense and Stratégie, his ambition is to decompartmentalize certain barriers existing between the civil world and the military world and of which each part can only profit from a reciprocal enrichment, would be this only in the world of management and the Economic Intelligence. Moreover Mr Boudier is also member of Aeronautical Association and Astronautics of France. Here the site of the AAAF:





Our lecturer meant us his joy of being among us, before made up such a particular assembly Masons and Mormons, giving a beautiful example of tolerance and respect in spite of differences and but also of obvious symmetries. He starts with us to plunge 15 billion years light in the past with the Big-bang, and presents to us a cosmic calendar presenting the principal events of the Universe until at the creation of the Man and his civilization. Saints of the Last Days noted that it had placed in this calendar the birth of Jesus-Christ, like locates chronological important, which is rare at a lecturer whose base is a scientist. Finally after us to have traced quickly taking into account the 45 minutes assigned, the great stages of Russian, American and French astronautics, we enter the sharp one of the subject, namely the phenomenon of the Unidentified flying objects.


It explains us how the American government threw a lead cover on a side on the study of the phenomenon which it names "external parameter", and at the same time, financed films which gently sensitize the public with the possibility of a "contact" with other worlds and other civilizations, these "active" films being "Day Independence", "Meets standard 3e", "the war of the worlds", "Mars attack", "Alien", "Signs", "Disparition/Taken", etc. The list is long American films on these topics, which throw discredit or on the contrary causes the reflexion... but any not being innocent according to the lecturer.


Then it speaks to us about the study of the external parameter in France, with the creation of the GEPAN within the National Center of Study Space, and its connection with the National Gendarmerie which always collates all the observations declared in France for this group become the SEPRA, of which here the history: In 1954, France knows an important wave of observations of UFO. A section of reflexion and collection of testimonys on the UFO will be created with the Ministry for the Armies. In 1962, creation of the CNES, Centers National Space Studies. In 1971, the gendarmerie publishes an article of the Kervendal captain and Charles Garreau in the review of studies and information of the national gendarmerie (n°87). In 1973, new wave in Europe, which will be very médiatisée and which will lead Mr. Jean-Claude Bourret to impassion itself for the phenomenon UFO. In 1974, this last will make an interview of Mr. Robert Galley, then Minister for the Armies, who will make the turn of the world. "It is certain that there are unexplained phenomena." In September 1975, the captain of the gendarmerie Kervandal, which knows à.fond the file UFO, another article in "Armies of today publishes". In April 1976, the lieutenant-colonel Gaston Alexis, office futurologies and studies, centralizer of the information UFO, publishes an article in "Armies of today". In 1976, former listeners of the I.H.E.D.N., the Institute of the High Studies of National Defense, carry out a study on the phenomenon UFO, chaired by the General Jacques Richard. The report is returned on June 20, 1977 and will be published in 1978 in the review n°11 of the institute. In 1977, the GEPAN, Grouping of Study of the Not-identified Aerospace Phenomena, is created by the CNES, the National Center of Space Studies in Toulouse, thanks to the obstinacy of Mr. Claude Poher. In 1979, Alain Esterle succeeds Mr. Claude Poher and takes the direction of the GEPAN. In 1983, Jean-Jacques Velasco becomes the new person in charge for the GEPAN. In December 1988, the GEPAN is replaced by the SEPRA, Service of Expertise on the Atmospheric Phenomena of Re-entries, under the direction of Mr. Jean-Jacques Velasco. In December 1999, the SEPRA is "private" atmospheric re-entries and becomes the Service of Expertise on the Aerospace Rare Phenomena. In June 2004 Sepra dissolved and will be replaced by a structure even more modest.


 Mr Alain Boudier also speaks to us about the Cometa initiative launched by French soldiers, whose Letty General is the president.


The COMETA will be at the origin of a very important document that have knows it under the name of "Cometa Report/ratio" and whose exact title is "the UFOS and defense, with what has one to prepare? ". The members of the COMETA which is an acrostic meaning "COMité for Thorough Studies" counts in its rows of the important personalities such as for example Mr Denis Blancher chief of the national police force to the ministry for the Interior or the General Alain Orszag which is also a scientist, and well of others! This Cometa report will be submitted to the 1st minister of then Mr Lionel Jospin and to the President of the Jacques Chirac Republic. Detractors will say in the press that the members of Cometa were in fact a "quarter of pensioners", which is false, since the members of Cometa were in 1999 in activity.


 The conclusion of the report was: "the extraterrestrial assumption, deduce the authors from them from the report/ratio, is the best scientific assumption by far; it is certainly not proven in a categorical way, but there exists in its favour of strong presumptions, and if it is exact, it is large consequences." Even if "no accident, and a fortiori no hostile act, originated in unquestionable, at least officially, an UFO", the persistence of the phenomenon, estimate, should give place to a "reflexion on the strategic, political consequences and chocolate éclairs which a possible confirmation of this assumption would involve".


 Mr Alain Boudier then reviewed several famous cases, like the business of the Carrousel of Washington in 1952, whose the commander Jean-Gabriel Greslé was witness indirect, at the time junior with the US one. Air Force, and which had been put in state of alert, following these overflights of unknown machines and unknown sources... Our lecturer also speaks to us about the cases French concretes, studied by the GEPAN, and documented extremely well which is: - Valensole - 1965 - Trans in Provence - 1981 - amaranth the 1982 Of which here summaries: The meeting of Valensole - 1965: Maurice Masses, farmer of 41 year old lavender considered for his serious, lives with his wife and his 2 children on the plate of Valensole (the Alps of High-Provence). Since one week, him and his/her father work daily in their field and notice each morning, of the damage caused with the lavandins, as if somebody had taken, each night, of the samples of these plants. The seedlings are not torn off, but growths are cut or rather broken and carried. In the early morning of July 1, 1965, Masse leaves its residence towards 5 a.m.. It arrives in its field located at 1600 m of its house. At 5 a.m. 45, being on the point of starting its tractor which stations behind a rabbit burrow (heap of 2 height m broken stones), Masse hears a noise as a whistle which filled all the countryside. Of where it is, it cannot locate the origin of it but, pensantà a military helicopter, moves towards the origin of the noise. Leaving behind the rabbit burrow, it notes indeed that a machine is posed in its field in the medium of its bushes of lavender, to 90 Mr. Cependant his form rather points out that of a rugby ball. Mass approaches while skirting a vine located along its ground, going among the rocks while observing the "machine". The object, of the volume of Dauphine Renault (from 3 to 3,50 m broad, for approximately 2,50 m height) and of neutral and matt color. It has a transparent higher cupola, and 6 feet assembled on a central pivot being inserted in the ground, making it think of an enormous spider. I was on July 1 1965 towards 5. 30 of the morning, as I have the practice of it, in my field of lavender a little in the North of Valensole close to the road of Speech. I had not started yet my tractor, stopped behind a rabbit burrow (heap of 2 height m broken stones approximately). I was going to do it and I lit a cigarette when I heard a whistle of which I did not locate the origin. Mass circumvents the rabbit burrow with precaution, thinking of taking people the hand in the bag. But it is a very other spectacle which awaits it: I left then behind the rabbit burrow which dissimulated me and live to 90 m of me approximately a machine of odd form which had been posed in my field. I had initially thought of a helicopter, but I realized that it could not be one for it. I had too the practice of these machines of the army which, in difficulty or not, often land on my field or at side. I do not miss, each time, of going to maintain me with the pilots which, very often, are hunters like me. But could this machine resembling a large rugby ball, large like Dauphine, surmounted by a cupola, resting on 6 crutches, what that be? Perhaps, did I think, an experimental machine? But the object is not alone. 2 small humanoïdes are with its feet, squatted: I advance nevertheless of a quiet step, nothing in the hands, through the young seedlings of lavender which cover my field. And I see very close of the machine 2 small beings having human appearance, leaning on a foot of lavender.


 Turns to him the back, the other faces him. Without too much concern, I approach with the intention to come into contact with them. I arrive thus at 5 or 6 m of the strange visitors, but those see me, are rectified and one of them directs at once on me a kind of tube, or "gun". I am then instantaneously fixed on the spot at the point to be able to make only one movement. When I arrived at 7 m of them, that which was turned in my direction then saw me. It had to make a sign with the other, all 2 were rectified, that which had the turned back made volte-face and pointed a tube in my direction that it took in a case on its right side; at this time, I was completely immobilized. I did not feel anything, I were not engourdi nor not contracted but I could not make only one gesture. I distinguished very well that that which had paralysed me gave from the right hand, in the case which it carried on the left, this famous tube. These 2 beings then remained some mn to discuss by looking at me most of the time. I noticed that their eyes moved and I heard a kind of gargouillement certainly coming from their throat. They almost did not have a neck so much their head had returned in the shoulders. They seemed to make fun of me, however their glances were not malicious, quite to the contrary. At the end of 4 to 5 mn, they turned over, with a surprising agility, in their apparatus while being helped of the right hand, then of the left hand. Once gone up on board, a sliding door was closed again in a way which seemed to me automatic, upwards, in the same manner that a door of piece of furniture. I distinguished them behind the dome, I heard a deaf noise which lasted 2 to 3 S, while their apparatus was raised of 10 cm with 1 m. The tube which was under the apparatus left ground and the 6 feet started to turn. It neither smoked there, nor dust raised by this machine. The 6 legs turned in the direction of the needles of a watch. While the visitors faced me, the apparatus left behind, in the direction opposed to their orientation. It rose in oblique more quickly than a jet. I followed it during 15 to 30 m, then it disappeared suddenly from my sight, worse than a flash. I remained immobilized 15 more mn, then I stirred up my hands, then all the bodies and the members. I then left towards my tractor. I lit a cigarette and I continued my work up to 7 a.m. and demi/huit hours. Gone up on my machine, I biné my vine which is not that that I crossed at the time of my approach then I returned at home towards 9 a.m.. It is by putting at the current of its adventure Mr. Moisson, owner of the Coffee of the Sports that the gendarmerie has wind of the news. It will then tell to have also seen small beings (approximately 1 m) to which general morphology is close to ours but which is obviously foreign with our planet. While approaching them, it notes their abnormally large head compared to the body (3 times that of human), bald person, white skin, long ears, high cheekbones and charnues, with a small circular mouth. They carry greenish grey costumes of only one part. Hitherto leaning on a bush of lavender, they finally seem to notice its presence when it is to 8 m of them, and one two then directs towards Masse a small tube which paralyses it, but apparently without him to make lose conscience. It remembers that there was then a kind of communication telepathic with these beings, of which it keeps an impression of benevolence. The 2 beings turn over then to their machine, pénêtrent there by a sliding door. The noise of whistle starts again and the machine briefly planes while its feet start to turn, then it slips by towards the West to sharp alure. Mass covers its capacity with movement only 15 mn later. At this time, it immediately will examine the place where the UFO landed and notices various marks on the ground, as well as a central hole of approximately 30 cm of depth where it had stationed the control pedestal of the machine. The ground around is softened. Later, in the course of the day, it notes that it quickly hardened until having the consistency of cement. The business of Trans-in-Provence 1981: January 8, 1981 to 5 p.m., in Trans-in-Provence (a few kilometres from Draguignan), Renato Nicolaï is building a small cement shelter. I was building a cement shelter for a water pump. It was approximately 17 H, time started to fraîchir. My attention was drawn by a light noise, a kind of small whistle. I was turned over and I saw in the air a machine which was with the height of a large pine in edge of the ground. It went down towards the ground, without turning on itself. I saw flames neither below nor around the machine. While it continued to go down, I am approximate while directing me towards the small cottage builds above my house. I was on the restanque one to approximately 1,20 m of the roof. From there, I saw well the machine posed on the ground. At once, it rose. Arrived above the trees, it left rather quickly in direction the forest, towards the North-East. When it was raised, I saw in-desous 4 openings by which neither flames escaped nor smoked. The machine raised a little dust when it left the ground. I was at this time to about thirty meters of the place of landing. I then approached the place and I noticed a circle approximately 2 m in diameter. At certain places, on the curve of the circle exist kinds of traces of shifting. When my wife returned the evening, I told him what I had seen. It believed that I joked. It telephoned to our neighbor who came with his wife; I also showed them the trace of the circle and advised us to prevent the gendarmerie. The machine had the form of 2 reversed plates one against the other. It had the color of lead and had a vein all around its circumference. Under the apparatus, I saw, at the moment when it was raised, 2 kinds of round parts which could be engines or feet. There were also 2 other circles which resembled trap doors. The 2 engines or feet exceeded slightly on 20 cm below the apparatus. The machine which resembled 2 lead weights turned over one on the other, had fallen like a stone, with a shock. It is 1,80 m high for 2,50 m in diameter. 40 seconds later it redécollé abruptly by raising a little dust. Rénato with Juste time to see a metal crown which separated the 2 weights and 4 openings by below. Two chances are combined then. After the woman of Nicolaï warned a neighbor, marries of a gendarme, this last comes to make its investigation. Well inspired (but unfortunately at a time when the rain already fell meanwhile), this one has the idea, not to tear off alfalfas on the end of ground where the UFO, while landing, left traces of shifting, but to take along at the same time the earthy plants and their support, in one limps of shoe. These samples arrive at the GEPAN, in Toulouse, then, 11 days later, on the straw mattress of a biologist of the INRA (National Institute of the Agronomic research) professor Michel Bounias. This one made its thesis on the traumatisms undergone by plants subjected to a strong irradiation, in collaboration with the ECA (Commissariat à l' Énergie Atomique). It is thus particularly qualified to analyze these fine stems of alfalfa and discovers that their pigmentary equipment was strongly modified. It then asks a new sampling, with distances increasing from the point of impact. These new analyses reveal a phenomenon of great width (on 10 m in diameter). In the center, certain components of the plant were destroyed to 80 %. Then, gradually, this traumatism attenuates, while following a law in 1/r2, suggesting the action of a radiation. The curve is extremely regular (considerable coefficient of correlation of 0,99). Aime Michel and Pierre Guerin will say that the scientific ufology was born this day there. The investigation will lead to a Technical Note of the GEPAN releasing the following reports: No possible confusion (helicopter, sounding-balloon, shell...) makes it possible to explain what occurred to Trans. A very heavy object was actually posed. There was thermal heating of the ground until the 600 °C and especially, it was noted "a contribution external of various materials, mainly of iron and phosphates, with residues of combustion". The analysis of plants prelevés by the INRA reveals that there were "biochemical traumatisms". One indeed discovered by analyzing the plants that they had undergone important disturbances, in particular an ageing. Amaranth the 1982: Thursday October 21, 1982 at 12 noon 35, in the suburbs of Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), Mr. Henri, a researcher biologist 30 year old, attends the landing of an unknown apparatus in its broad garden of hardly 3 m: This day, towards 12 noon 15, outgoing of my work, and finding me in my garden, owe the house, I attended the following phenomenon; towards 12 noon 35, I saw a flying machine which I first of all took for a plane, coming from South-east. I saw it shining, it did not have there a cloud, I did not have the Sun in the eyes and the visibility was total. Its speed of descent was not large, I thought that the machine was going to pass above my house. At a given time, I saw that his trajectory led above me, I moved back myself from 3 to 4 m, and there, I saw the oval shape of the machine. This machine remained in lift with approximately 1 m ground, during 20 mn. I am affirmative having looked at the hour. I observed this machine initially to 1,50 m, then, gently approaching me up to 50 cm. I can give following description: ovoid form, diameter approximately 1,50 m, thickness 0,80 m, the lower half had an aspect metallized polished beryllium kind [ making think of lead ], the higher half was of color blue-green lagoon in its internal filling. This machine did not emit any sound, released neither heat, neither cold [ neither radiation, neither magnetism, nor electromagnetism ]. I give you a summary sketch of the machine and I think of having approached to the maximum reality as for dimensions and the forms. I add that the volumetric mass appeared very heavy to me. Moreover, the shape of this machine narrowly married the surface of my small garden. During the 20 mn of observations, I went on the 1st floor of my house, I took my charged camera and I am gone down again in the small garden. The machine did not move of its place. I tried to start but my apparatus was blocked because I specify that it already presented several times of the defects. As I already specified higher, the observation lasted 20 mn with the end of which the machine abruptly rose with the constant vertical, trajectory which was maintained until loss of sight. The departure of the machine, and not takeoff, because it was never posed, was very fast, as under the effect of a strong aspiration. I specify that on the ground, no mark was deposited, nor in the external infrastructure. The grass neither is calcined, nor crushed, I simply noticed that at the beginning of the machine, the grass drew up right to return quickly to its normal position. At the time of this observation, I was alone in my garden and my house. I did not see of immediate neighbor. I add that my house is below the road and that the machine could not be seen when it was in the small garden. I did not warn you a continuation, because I initially spoke to my wife with 5 about it p.m., and it is there that we came to your office. It is all that I can say [ Extracted the report/ratio of investigation of the GEPAN ]. To 6 p.m., the witness is heard by the gendarmes, who notice his emotion. The following day, this one carries out the sampling after having emitted a telex with 8 a.m.: SUBJECT: OBSERVATION Of FLYING OBJECT NOT IDENTIFIES The 21/10/1982 A 12 HOURS 33. 101 street Christmas Bernard in V1, in agglomeration. Mr Henri, 30 years, biologist saw the 0,80 m thickness ovoid object of 1,50 m and, color South-eastern metal coming to put itself in lift in small garden close to his house. Witness observes the machine during 20 mn. No cold release smoked heat or radiation. Towards 12 noon 56, machine raises quickly with the vertical until loss of sight. Witness had approached to 0,50 m. With tried to take photo but its apparatus was blocked. No trace in grass and surroundings immediate. No known witnesses. Advised gendarmerie squad 21/10/1982 to 6 p.m. by witness. Statement n° 1056 of the 21/10/1982 BT V3. Noninformed press. The GEPAN is informed on October 23 and, after telephone contact with the gendarmerie squad, decides to undertake an investigation. Unusual physical effects will reinforce the interest of this observation and will make it possible to confirm certain elements of them. The silence and the absence of any movement of air under the apparatus during the phase of hovering are very unusual. Another surprising detail is noted by the witness. The grass bits located under the machine were drawn up right before its departure, to take again their flexibility when the object moved away on a vertical trajectory. A edge the amaranth ones in flowers was located at less than 1 m of the place where the phenomenon occurred. The closest seedlings (20 cm) underwent important physical effects: draining of the stems and the sheets (water content of 40 % against 80 % for the feleurs witness located further), color passing of the sharp red to the brown tern. October 27, the gendarmerie carries out a 2nde time the sampling which will be studied in various laboratories. The conclusions of the expertises are ambiguous. Although pointing out the case of Trans-in-Provence, the elements are rather different insofar as the machine did not touch the ground. If an intense electric field had caused the effects observed on the grass bits and the amaranth ones, it should have been from at least 30 Kvolts/m. It could exist only at the time of the departure. If not, the witness who had approached at one time to 50 cm the machine would have been struck down. It remains that a simple electric field would explain only imperfectly the noted levitation. Considering the importance of the data contained in these three French observations, we reproduced here the detail of these cases remained unexplained to date, and which shows the presence on our world of an intelligence of unknown origin appearing on the Earth. It also spoke to us about the vague Belgian about 1989, and the incident of F-16 who reflect in agitations the Belgian state major. It reported us the incident of November 5, 1990 when all France was flown over by a true flotilla of UFO. Thousands of observations were recorded! Our lecturer calls this night of observation "the night of the Generals", because in France, the army was there this evening in state of alert. Among the witnesses, scientists and pilots like: Jean-Pierre Haigneré, spationaut with the CNES which confirms the strangeness of the phenomenon in the center of launching of balloons of Surface-on-Adour, the technicians which will delay a launching to observe the phenomenon Jean-Gabriel Greslé in Gretz-Armainvilliers (Seine-et-Marne), where this evening with several witnesses they see beam of a triangular, marked out section enormous lights and headlights, to go down to less than 400 m from the ground, to stabilize themselves on the level and to change 2 times of direction, in an impressive silence. NASA will inform France which the country was crossed, the same night, by remains of a Russian Stage of rocket of type "Proton". What was seized by the skeptics to dismount the business. Mr Alain Boudier gratifié us besides of a new testimony, that of pilots of Mirages which could observe "on the back" the phenomenon, in order to better observe it, and which was of nothing a re-entry third stage of Proton rocket, and which moreover flew at a constant speed of more than 500 km/h on a right trajectory. Before accelerating and disappearing...


 Mr Boudier also treated the principal American cases and announced the cases of removals supposed by UFOS, whose fire professor John Mack studied the witnesses systematically.


The debate was extremely rich, and really very interesting. A Mister pointed out also the Ummo business to us, but which would be can be an immense hoax, with still unexplained parts. A speaker speaks to us about the business Frank Fontaine called "business of Cergy Pontoise" which had defrayed the chronicle in 1979. Adama recalls here that it is a very complex business, where the army seems implied, and which it is not a question of a "simple hoax". In its time Jimmy Gieu had inquired on the spot. Adama explains us why it has to him even surveyed the business the Trans one in Provence ten years after the facts, and had met the witness at his place, which told him all the business, which was very impressive. It is in contact with the witness Mr Renato Nicolaï that Adama become aware of the importance of the phenomenon UFO and its importance for science in particular and humanity in general. Adama have also in 1993, an important telephone discussion with Mr Maurice Masses. The witness explained his observation with an impressive promptness, as if it acted of an observation made the day before. This man was really marked by something which it did not include/understand, in spite of the years... Maat raised a question about famous "the UFOS of IIIe Reich" which the scientists Nazis would have conceived. But Alain Boudier thinks that it acts of something of not very serious, coming from modern sources and not from the time. Adama supports the lecturer by explaining why apparently German had drawn V7 a kind of helicopter discoïdal to turbo rotary engines, but that this project did not exceed the drawing board. This field clear is not pointed out with Maat reason. But it is necessary to avoid falling into the modern "phantasms" on this subject from the "UFOS developped at the point by German". One is reminded that the French ufologist Gildas Bourdais to completely dismounted this business of false German UFOS. Adama recalls that the first American state to see UFOS, is Utah! and two Mormons authors even wrote two works on this subject. The business of the Ranch of the "Skinwalker" in Utah is very significant on this subject. It is recalled before concluding the address from the ufologic library of Kolob Order:




 We were left then well with regrets, because the debate did not want to finish! and our next conference will take place at the end of June 2007, we will give you the subject in a forthcoming advertisement on our sites Kolob Order.

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