Battlestar GALACTICA analyzes of a series


Sheba, Apollo and Starbuck

There are those which believe that the life here started elsewhere Are there can be human brothers who, today still, Fight to survive, some share, beyond the skies


At the Seventh Millenium of the history, Battlestar Galactica wanders in the vast desert of space. The Alliance of Cylons, with the head of an army of robots, destroyed the 12 colonies of human and their defenses were destroyed. Only the fleet of Battlestar remains. The series conceived by Glen A. Larson in 1977 became a reference, at the sides of War Star launched the same year, of Space Opera. The series was abandoned as of the first season for budgetary reasons, each episode cost approximately 1 million dollars. A debate exists on the influence of the ideas of Glen A. Larson on the realization of the film Star War...







But this series contains a philosophical message, inspired directly of the Mormon Writings, in particular of the Book of Abraham translated by inspiration of Egyptian papyruses, by the prophet Joseph Smith (1805 - 1844). A commander of the name of Adama (Adam) order a space fleet composed by the survivors of the system of Kobol, and seek the planet Ground where live human brothers. Kobol is only the anagram of Kolob, the star of the planetary system described in the book of Abraham. The search of the space fleet is quite simply the Earth. We also find in the series, of the elements which will probably influence sit COM more recent like Stargate SG1, in particular in the idea that the gods of old civilizations were the extraterrestrial ones. In Galactica, the helmet of the pilots of Viper, is similar to the royal cap of the Pharaons, direct allusion to this civilization which always fascinated the men, and to the Book of Abraham who refers to Egypt, him even resulting from the visions obtained starting from a strange papyrus: the hypocephalus. The explorers of the space fleet are in the search of this 13e tribe who are the land ones, kind of search of Graal which will allow human of Kobol and land, to find for the ones their children and the others their stellar ancestors. This presentation makes land the extraterrestrial ones which is unaware of. Each human having an ancestor having lived on Kobol.




The credits of the series, starting from the episode two, expose us that: By the grace of the lord of the kobols, Galactica continues to lead the survivors in direction of these lights that one day it was given to us to see and who disappeared suddenly without another explanation. Some think that these lights, perhaps those of the intergalactic vessels, come from the Earth. What would give us the hope then, the great hope, which they reached a very advanced degree of technology. Until now alas, nothing in our long voyage lets to us believe that we can cease our investigations and that we found what we seek ". It is here the discussion thread of this enthralling series. The originator of this series Glen A. Larson is member of the Church of Jesus-Christ of the Saints of the Last Days. He is thus Mormon, and the series which he created draws its roots in the Book of Abraham and the Book of Mormon. What is extremely interesting. Modern Writings made it possible to create, an original concept, and which raises questions about the origin of Humanity. We can draw up it parallel according to between the modern Galactica series and Writings:



The vessel Battlestar Galactica Arch of Noah 12 colonies and the Lost 13e 12 tribes of Israel and 10 lost tribes Cylons continuing colonial the Egyptians continuing the Hebrews The Council of the 12 for the colonies the Council of the 12 Apostles for LDS Church Planet of origin KOBOL Planet of origin of God KOLOB Iblis one of the chiefs Cylons Iblis name in Islam of Satan Seraphs control vessels of light Seraphims angels in the Bible Adama the Commander of the fleet Adam the first man Appolo makes escape from the Moïse prisoners gives freedom to the Hebrews of a mine, to offer freedom to them Adama has a particular medallion with secrecies on the origin of human the Jupiter Talisman of Joseph Smith




The correspondences could beings many, and their list would be tiresome. Is Battlestar Galactica a series of propaganda for the Mormon Church? At all, its author it is simply inspired by the canonical books of this Church, but also by the Bible, and Greek mythology in particular, to write this history of it. And it should be recognized that the result is brilliant, since 29 years afterwards, Galactica remains traditional, and remains snuffed amateurs of any age of science fiction. One can detect in the Stargate series an influence of Galactica, on his assumption of the gods of Egypt which were the Extraterrestrial ones, and gods of other mythologies which were also celestial beings... From this point of view also, it owes something with the Book of Abraham. Moreover its door of stars, in the shape of ring, is not without pointing out the shape of the papyrus hypocephalus still called facsimiled n°2. You can even compare the similarity, and the famous rafters resemble to mistake there with the mysterious signs, of the hiéroglyphes laid out all around the ring of the Papyrus. And if this papyrus were a stellar chart, a door of stars? Science fiction in return raises questions with theology and science.



In the ring of the papyrus of the hieroglyphes, the provision of the sets seems to have inspired the creation of this door of stars, and it is true that this document is a true door of stars, describing by inspiration a stellar system different from our. Well on the literal translation different, but nevertheless by many regards another universe is joined.




Starbuck and Apollo


Others worlds


War of the Gods

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