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Doctrine and Covenants 101 ; 32 à 34
"Yea, verily I say unto you, in that day when the Lord shall come, he sall reveal all things. Things which have passed, and hidden things which no man knew, things of the earth, by which it was made, and the purpose and the end thereof. Things most precious, things that are above, and things that are beneath, things that are in the earth, and upon the earth, and in heaven."
 The revelation of Kolob is something of very important, and can be apprehended in-outside religious framework, in a scientific spirit of investigation. We will study the root of this word, which comes from Hebrew. The study of Kolob is at the crossroads of several disciplines, astronomy, archéo-astronomy, history, theology, criticizes historical biblical texts, exobiology : the search for a life elsewhere in the Universe. The prospects are immense. The papyrus which revealed Kolob, famous Hypocephalus, is a document attractive, rare, and which did not finish delivering keys, like indicated it Joseph Smith. The papyrus with several keys of readings, the literal reading which speaks to us about the voyage of the heart in beyond, the reading inspired which gave the Book of Abraham, the two readings not being contradictory, like it showed eminent scholars of BYU and other universities. The hypocephalus, of a point of sight rationel, can be regarded as a true stellar chart which indicates the existence and the position of Kolob to us. Kolob is either a star, or a planet, can be this term indicates it makes several distinct celestial bodies of them. This study with for object to bring some elements of reflexions on this enthralling subject.
When for the first time I read the Book of Abraham, I was surprised by his richness. Richness of its lesson, the details which it gives on Egypt. For example in the chapter 1 verse 24 When this woman discovered the land it was under water.  Where it is indicated that the country was flooded when that it was discovered. However we know from now on, that the plate of Guizah for example, was covered with water, and that the pyramid of Kheops carries traces of marine erosion. But most extraordinary residence in the chapter 3 where it is made mention of a whole star system and planets, of which most famous is Kolob.
Kolob inspired by the researchers, the novelists, the most famous adaptation was the series Battlestar Galactica, where Glenn A. Larson draws directly with the Book of Abraham and the Book of Mormon to carry out his fiction. And especially, this book raises very important questions of theological, spiritual and astronomical nature. This singular document of a great spiritual power is the fruit of the translation inspired carried out by Joseph Smith, to start from three papyruses which was discovered in Thebah in 1831 on the ground of the Pharaoh
A long time and still nowadays, at the detractors scoffed at Kolob, thinking that that did not have any legitimacy in the biblical texts. And yet, those which affirm that, know little about the biblical literature and the Juive mystic. Indeed, there is well a planet described by name in the book of Jérémie, which is in the Bible.
In the biblical literature, the mention of a star where the Lord would reside or of the celestial beings is not new. Many critics could laugh at that, but however... in the Hebraic Bible, and in the Cabal, we find mention of a planet which is called Arqâ in the book of Jeremiah Chapitre 10 verse 11, the English translation is returned by
The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens.
One of the characteristics of this verse, is that he is not written in Hebrew, but in araméen following the example texts of the Cabal which use this language. For the Bible of French Rabbinate, a note indicates that this verse comes from a "marginal note". But this reasoning does not hold, indeed, when one knows the care meticulous person with which the scribes wrote the rollers of Tanakh (Hebraic bible), and if one accepts the divine inspiration of these texts, then that wants to say that it is necessary to just like take into account this strange mention of a Arqâ planet the Kolob star for the book of Abraham.
The translations in vernacular languages of our bible do not have the precision of the armaméen. Into Aramaic the word Ground, indicating our planet results in Area and here we find the word Arqâ which indicates another Ground well... The word translation for word of the Aramaic of verse 11 of chapter 10 gives this:
 Elohim which created neither the Sky nor Arqâ will be exterminated Earth and will disappear under the Sky.
Arqâ is well indicated like a different place, with share of the sky. Another holy book speaks about this strange planet, it acts of Sepher ha Zohar (Splendour delivers), which is one of the pieces centre of the Cabal and the third holy book of the Judaism. Zohar speaks on several occasions in its comments esoteric about the Bible about Arqâ, as being the seventh dimension of the Earth. That seems to indicate another dimension of reality. The exile of Caïn was according to Zohar on Arqâ, it is known as in Zohar I, 9 b: After drive outbeing driven out Earth, Caïn went down in Arqâ, where it generated children. Caïn was suddenly on Arqâ, without knowing by which it had been transported.
That resembles an account of science fiction, however they are old and crowned writings. We find, following the example Book of Abraham, precise details concerning the site of Arqâ which is well an astronomical object, namely a planet:
Arqâ is made of two parts, of which one is constantly flooded of light, and the other always plunged in darkness. There are two chiefs, of which one reigns on the lit part, and the other on the private part of light. These two chiefs were constantly in war one against the other. Seen of Arqâ, the provision of the constellations is different from that which we see of our Ground. The seasons of the sowing and harvests are also different as of ours there. They are renewed there only at the end of one considerable number of years and centuries.
The length of the seasons of the sowing which lasts several centuries, is in harmony with which is declared in the Book of Abraham, namely that time on Kolob is equal to thousand years on the ground. That indicates to us that inside even our crowned texts, exists a strange knowledge concerning of the nonterrestrial worlds, from which come the celestial ones and God. Where the human ones were off-set, such Caïns and other characters. From this point of view, Arqâ is a world lower than the ground. On the other hand Kolob is a stellar universe above the ground. Does there exist on the Earth of the places which are doors towards stars? Allowing to travel quickly of Arqâ in Kolob, etc. Pure gamble, but let us admit that all that is extremely disconcerting and deserves a thorough investigation.
These elements new and little known of general public, are capable to reinforce the fact that Kolob is well a genuine star, and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. We will see in the continuation of this article, the probable origin of the Kolob term, and the correlation with astronomy, and the knowledge of the time of Abraham.
Hypocephalus is an attractive papyrus, it is facsimiles it n°2 which gave the Book of Abraham. It comprises 9 centre sections, and a hieroglyphic ring. The symbolic of this document, its circular aspect, reference among former Egyptians with the Eye of Horus, containing the secrecies of the world.
The translation by the Egyptologists of this document reveals us the voyage of the heart of late, and the Egytpiennes divinities. Seemingly that would have nothing to do with the translation inspired, but appearances misleading are said the proverb. And we will see that on the contrary, it exists close and strange connections, between the translation inspired of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the literal translation of the document. What does nothing but reinforce on the contrary, the supernatural aspect and of revelation of this document.
Literal translation
Edge: I am the Provider in the Sun Temple in Heliopolis. [I am] most exalted and very glorious. [I am] a virile bull without equal. [I am] that Mighty God in the Sun Temple in Heliopolis. <May the Osiris Shishaq live forever>with that Mighty God in Heliopolis.Left Middle: O God of the Sleeping Ones from the time of the creation. O Mighty God, Lord of heaven and earth, of the hereafter, and of his great waters, may the soul of the Osiris Shishaq be granted life. Bottom: May this tomb never be desecrated, and may this soul and its lord never be desecrated in the hereafter. Upper Left: You shall ever be as that God, the Busirian. To the Left of the Standing Two-headed God: The name of this Mighty God. To the Left of the Falcon-Headed God on the Ship: Divine ship.
Comment :
The mention of Heliopolis is interesting. It is one of the oldest towns of Egypt, its name as an Egyptian means "house of the soul of Ptah". There are links between Heliopolis and the old Kingdom of Israel. The midrash, Jews commentary, sign that Abraham went to inform the Egyptians in Astronomy with Heliopolis. There are links between Israel and Heliopolis. In addition, an assumption was put forth as for the fact that Heliopolis in the beginning, knew the secrecy of God of Israel.
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