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STUDY Of a TEXT ZOHARIQUE Zohar III pages 221 -
A the Situation of Israel compared to the other Nations of the world: The text that we will study reports a conversation between wise Nations, and R. Elieze, concerning the Election of Israel, and his report/ratio with God. The Wise one of the Nations disputes the concept of election. R.Abba known as: I remember a word that I heard holy flame. It had heard it in the name of R.Eliazar. One day came to arise in front of him wise not a Jew, it says to him: "Old man, old man, three questions I want to utter in front of you." First question: You say (Jews) that for you another temple will be built, but it must be built only twice, a first house, a second house. As for a third house, it does not have question in Tora of it. And thus what was built already was, and there will not be more than two of them.
Two houses of Israel, the writing, the times... he is written in Agée: "larger will be the second house than the first". Moreover you say, the house is called "last", therefore there will be of it no third. Moreover you say that you are close to High King Très, more than all the other people. However, that which is close to the King is unceasingly merry, without misfortune, fear, sadness, without anguish, however you are in the affliction, the anguish and the distress, more than all the wire of the world. While us, it approaches neither misfortune, nor distress thus it is we who is close to the King to In Top, and it is you who are far from him. This is why it arrives to you of misfortune, mourning, the anguish, and the distress, which does not exist for us. Moreover you eat neither skin, nor torn animals, in order to be healthy, in good health, and so that your body is in good health.
We, the not-Jews, we eat of all that we want, and we are strong, with health, and all our bodies are in good condition, are in their place, in operating state. While you who do not eat a carrion, etc... you all weak, are affublés of bad diseases, malicious evils. You in the crack, in the depression, tired, are broken than all the other people. You are people more hates your God, from any point of view. Old man, old man does not answer me, does not say anything to me, because I would not receive anything you, I would not accept anything you, I do not want anything. R. Eliazar raised the eyes, looked at it opposite, and it transformed it into a heap of bones, of sand...
 Comment: In the spirit of wise of the Nations, they were not true questions to pose to the Rabbi, it did not want to have a dialogue, but to insult Rabbi Eliazar. R.Eliazar is known to be a man having capacities. Continuation of the text: As soon as its anger was calmed, it turned over the head and it cried, and it says: - Lord our God that your name resplendisse on all the Earth. How much is large the power of the Holy, powerful Name on all the Earth, and how much the words of Tora are cherished, because it is not a small word which is not in Tora. And it is not the smallest word which appears in Tora which did not leave the mouth of the Blessed Saint Is it. These things which this scélérat required, I had required them one day of Elie. (Elie is an archangel for Zohar).
 Comment on Elie: Elie came from the sky and set out again. Elie appears to the men on various occasions, it arrives that Masters address themselves to Elie to ask him for answers to questions which they cannot answer. Elie is a prophet angelica, he must precede Massiah. Elie is an intermediate figure between a prophet and an angel, at the time of Talmud it has there no more prophets, but that does not want to say that prophecy disappeared, thanks to the figure of Elie, something of prophecy was maintained. Elie often appears in the shape of an Arab rider or a prostitute in Talmud. Continuation of the text: It says (Elie) that indeed in the school of the Sky these questions were organized in front of the Blessed Saint Is it. And here what it is: When the Jews left Egypt, the Blessed Saint Is it wanted to make them on Earth like holy angels of In Top, he wanted to build a holy house to them, and to reduce it from the interior of the skies.
He thus wanted to plant to them for Israel, a holy establishment similar to the image of the Temple of In Top. As he is said by that which you manufactured to you Seigneur and not another, the Temple of the Lord, your hands founded it, both were to be the work of the Blessed Saint Is he, but as of the moment when they put it in anger, a generation died in the desert, and they entered in Canaan. The Temple was built by the hand of the man (whereas it would have to be it by God), and for this reason the Temple did not remain, because it was built hands of man. Solomon knew that it would not be maintained because it had been built hands of man, if God does not build, it is in vain that its masons, its builders worked.
Therefore, there was no in him solidity. At the time of Esdras, the sin reigned, was active, they have to build it them, and there was no stability, of solidity. And until now, there was no yet construction of God in this world. Note: the built Temple of hand of man is useless, in fact, we await the first built Temple of the "hand of God". The Lord builds Jerusalem, him and not another, and it is this construction there that we wait, and not a construction of man who is without solidity.
 The first Temple and the second Temple, the Blessed Saint Are will reduce together from In-High, the first invisible house of way, the second revealed Temple. This Temple which must visible, be revealed, is called second house, because it will not appear in the whole world, as being the work of the Blessed Saint Is it. The first Temple which is hidden will locate above that which was revealed, and the whole world will see clouds of glory whirling around the invisible Temple.
And within these clouds, will be the first Temple, dissimulated work which will rise until the height of the glory of the Sky. Until now, even the town of Jerusalem will not be the work of the man, because he is written: and I will be by it, word and oracle of the Lord, a wall of fire around. _ if by the town of Jerusalem, it be write that, it be its housing even, this action there, it have be necessary that it have place with beginning, when the Jew leave of Egypt. And that was deferred at the time of the following redemption.
About this ancient book, which contains the germs of all the secrecies, Zohar says that the Saint, blessed Is it, forwarded it to Adam via the Raziel angel, "angel of the crowned areas and chief of the supreme mysteries". In this book sacred mysteries of "Wisdom engravewas engraved" (Hocmâ). The crowned name of soixante-douze letters was explained there using the six hundred and seventy mysteries qi' it contains. "In the medium of the book the mystery of" eternal Wisdom was engraved ", with the help of which one discovers the fifteen hundred keys which are entrusted to no celestial being.
This mystery remained hidden with all the celestial beings, until the day when this book arrived between the hands of Adam. Moreover, this mythical book, which revealed, according to Zohar, in Adam and Enoch all the wisdom of the world crowned of in top and all the events which will arrive in the world "until the day when a cloud will raise in the occident, which will plunge the world in darkness", was hidden in a hole of rock arranged all at the bottom of the cave. And it is precisely about it which R.Siméon Ben Yohaï declared that it endeavoured to obtain the celestial favour so that the men profane, unable to appreciate the high value of the esoteric doctrines. Because they would confuse this one with other sciences, by making it pass from its field higher than a foreign field. But, like now, there is only wise world which has the great secrecies, that they hide carefully with the eyes of the vulgar one, their knowledge must be restricted to serve with heat their "Master". Moreover these secrecies are inaccessible to the weak spirits. One knows what arrived to Ben Zoma and to Ben Azaï, who were, according to terms' of Zohar "injured by the peel". Just as at the end of a solemn meeting, their colleagues, R.Yossé wire of R.Jacob, R.Hizquia and R.Yessa died. What shows that certain mysteries revealed expressly with Moïse on the Sinai mount, do not have to be revealed with no matter whom.

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